Sengupta, David. [Vendor News] Beta Availability of PST Management Solution. Sept. 14, 2004.

FYI in case anyone is interested, Quest Software has recently begun beta testing on a PST management solution branded "Quest Archive Manager for Exchange". This product is positioned to assist companies interested in getting control over PST usage in their environment ... especially of interest to companies concerned with e-mail compliance issues. Many of the cases blogged on this site illustrate the risk that e-mails can pose from a liability perspective. If you read my blog awhile back on "Factors to Consider in Implementing an Exchange Compliance Solution. [Aug. 25, 2004]" you'll recall that PSTs (and other offline data) were one of the four major areas that need to be managed as part of a compliance solution for Exchange. Once installed in your environment, Quest Archive Manager for Exchange will automatically discover all PSTs defined in all MAPI profiles on all computers in your environment. These PSTs will be migrated to new mailboxes created on a central "nearline" Exchange server that has been allocated to lower-priority message retention. The MAPI profiles are rewritten to replace PSTs with (a) secondary mailbox(es) of the same name, so the end user will only see the change in icon within Outlook's folder listing. User ability to create new PSTs will be limited/blocked; the net result is (i) removal of all active PSTs across your environment; (ii) centralization of all data that was in PSTs to (a) central Exchange server(s) where it can be managed, analyzed, backed up, etc. and; (iii) control over all future PST creation across the environment. If you are interested in being part of this beta, send me an e-mail at david dot sengupta at quest dot com and I'll forward this on to the appropriate parties.