Levy, Gideon. Barak's mail to Yale. Haaretz - Israel News. May 21, 2006.

Barak's mail to Yale - Haaretz - Israel News Another example reminding us that if you put something in e-mail, be prepared for it to get into the wrong hands. David


Sengupta, David. Best Practices for Exchange E-Discovery. Quest Software. May 2006.

Sengupta, David. Best Practices for Exchange E-Discovery (with Foreword by Paul Robichaux). Quest Software. May 2006. Just published this whitepaper on electronic discovery ... very much written for folks with little or no legal background coming from the IT perspective wanting to know what this "e-discovery" (AKA "Electronic Discovery" (ED), "Electronic Evidence Discovery" (EED), "Data Discovery" (DD), and so on). Hope this brings some much-needed information and insights to those of you grappling with these issues for the first time. I'll also be speaking on this topic at Tech-Ed 2006 in Boston on Friday, June 16th from 10:45-12:00 p.m. (Room 52AB). If you're going to be at Tech-Ed, c'mon out to my talk! As always, if you have feedback, e-mail me at mailman at quest dot com. David


Dunn, Darrell. E-Mail is Exhibit A. InformationWeek. May 8, 2006

E-Mail Is Exhibit A Great article cautioning, again, that e-mail is coming up as evidence across the industry. David


Sengupta, David. Build an Email-Discovery Plan. Exchange & Outlook Administrator. Apr. 24, 2006 (online) & June 2006 Print Edition.

Build an Email-Discovery Plan Here's an article I wrote recently on e-discovery in Exchange environments, specifically addressing the complementary roles that archival and discovery solutions play from a compliance perspective. It's important to note, as I illustrate in the article, that both types of solutions need to be part of your toolkit if compliance (be it internal, regulatory and/or legal) are a concern in your company. Hope you enjoy the article. If you have comments, e-mail me at mailman at quest dot com. David