[AP]. A List of AIDS Names Is E-Mailed in Error. The New York Times. Feb. 21, 2005.

The New York Times > Health > A List of AIDS Names Is E-Mailed in ErrorYet another example of how the rapid pace with which we all have to process e-mail to keep up can get us in trouble. In this case a staff person for Palm Beach County Health Dept. mistakenly sent a very sensitive attachment to 800+ county health workers.


Eisenstadt, Marc. Get Real: Eight years of email stats, pass 1. Feb. 11, 2005.

Great read on e-mail overload ... the "skill" of "continuous partial attention" (sic, more of a disorder IMO!) ... and some other good links i.e. http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/email.html