Wulfhorst, Ellen. Americans work more, seem to accomplish less: study. Reuters. Feb. 22, 2006.

US News Article Reuters.com Good article about how technology has sped things up and, on average, decreased productivity across the business world, rather than increasing it. Once again, the bombardment of constant e-mail is a large part of the problem. David


Silverstein, Jonathan. Think Your E-mails Are Clear? Maybe Not. ABC News. Feb. 17, 2006.

ABC News: Think Your E-mails Are Clear? Maybe Not Good article on the ignorant egocentricism and such that can come from using a mostly-text medium of communications such as e-mail. I'm a pretty heavy e-mail user but this kind of article is a good reminder. David


Ahlers, Mike. Democrats: Katrina e-mails show levee breaches reported early. CNN. Feb 10, 2006

CNN.com - Democrats: Katrina e-mails show levee breaches reported early - Feb 10, 2006 Developing story around FEMA e-mail communications around Hurricane Katrina ... another example of e-mail evidence being used in high profile cases. David


Friesen, Leslie. Planning Ahead. Government Technology. Jan. 30, 2006.

http://www.govtech.net/magazine/story.print.php?id=98139 Achivieving 24/7 e-mail availability requires being proactive about your e-mail infrastructure. This article discusses Vanberburgh County, Ind. and their deployment of Exchange clustering in an effort to prepare for the worst. David

Crosman, Penny. Headsup: Down the E-Mail Drain. Intelligent Enterprise.

IntelligentEnterprise : Headsup: Down the E-Mail Drain Recent Harris poll conducted for e-mail archive vendor Fortiva suggests that: - #1 Pain. Spam continues to be biggest time waster, accounting for approx. 67% of 135 billion messages sent worldwide daily - #2 Pain. E-mail search ... 59% of US e-mail users lose time looking for messages. - #3 Pain. E-mail overload. 28% of respondents say e-mail volume causes them to fall behind at work. - Personal e-mail - 61% of respondents send/receive personal e-mail at work - Lost e-mail - 31% have to write or reconstruct lost e-mails David

Vaas, Lisa. HP Buys ILM Maker OuterBay. E-week: The Channel Insider. Feb. 7, 2006.

HP Buys ILM Maker OuterBay Interesting move by HP. ILM differs from e-mail archiving in that "ILM is all about looking at and determining through complex business rules what data doesn't need to be in a production database any longer, since it's not being accessed much or at all." David

White House E-Mail Archive Problem Hinders CIA Leak Probe. FOX News. Feb. 2, 2006.

FOXNews.com - White House E-Mail Archive Problem Hinders CIA Leak Probe Good example of why simply deploying an e-mail archive isn't a guarantee of "compliance". An archive is only as good as the data that's in it. David


Goldenberg, Suzanne. Internet giants announce plans to charge for speedier emails. The Guardian. Feb. 6, 2006.

Guardian Unlimited Special reports Internet giants announce plans to charge for speedier emails Interesting. Paying for faster e-mail delivery. Can't say I've ever needed my e-mail to get to it's destination faster ... as things stand it's pretty speedy even without a $0.01 e-mail-speed-tax :-) David


Weiss, Todd. Technology victim: Western Union sends its last telegram. Computerworld. Feb. 3, 2006.

Technology victim: Western Union sends its last telegram - Computerworld Western Union sent 200, 000, 000 telegrams in 1929 ... that number was down to 20,000 in 2005. E-mail has been the last nail in its coffin. Only time we ever got telegrams was when someone died ... times have changed.

MailArchiva. Open Source Email Archiving Software

MailArchiva - Open Source Email Archiving Software Interesting new open source Exchange archival solution written by Jamie Band. Seems a flood of entry-level archival players are coming at the Exchange archival space from all sides. Will be interesting to see things evolve. David

Bonasia, J. Awash In E-Mail, Firms Embrace E-Discovery. Investors Business Daily. Jan. 31, 2006.

Investor's Business Daily: Awash In E-Mail, Firms Embrace E-Discovery Increase in news on e-discovery this past week. This one appears tied to the publicity that Clearwell has received recently for their 'email intelligence platform'. Have a great day! David


Bergstein, Brian. Plumbing and storing e-archives: An industry blooms. USA Today. Jan. 29, 2006.

USATODAY.com - Plumbing and storing e-archives: An industry blooms Good article on current trends in e-discovery. Mentions of outsourced e-discovery centers including Kroll Ontrack and Fios Inc..

Electronic Discovery' Industry Blooming. NewsFactor Network. Feb. 1, 2006.

'Electronic Discovery' Industry Blooming - Data Management - NewsFactor Network Article on the largely compliance- and legal-driven boom in discovery industry. Mention of Kroll Ontrack, EDDix LLC, Fios Inc., Fulbright & Jaworski LLP, UBS AG, Morgan Stanley & Co., Coleman camping gear, Sunbeam Corp, Redgrave Daley Ragan & Wagner LLP, Fair & Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Frank Quattrone, IBM, EMC, Oracle.