TEC 2011 Apr 17-20 - The Exchange event of the year.

This is the one Exchange event of the year that you won't want to miss. Small conference. No marketing. 3 days with the people who have built Exchange from day one, and the experts who have shaped the market since the beginning. You won't find this many high calibre Exchange speakers in any other event. Nothing comes close. Until the next TEC, that is.

April 17-20, 2011. Red Rock Casino, Nevada.

Virtually every speaker has worked with Exchange since its inception. The names speak for themselves:
  • Tony Redmond
  • Kevin Allison
  • Paul Bowden
  • Ross Smith IV
  • Scott Schnoll
  • Greg Taylor
  • Michael Atalla
  • Jim Lucey
  • Lee Mackey
  • Dmitry Gavrilov
  • Keri Farrell
  • Nic Blank
  • Jerry Camel
  • Michael B Smith
Register here today: http://www.theexpertsconference.com/us/2011/

Don't miss it. This isn't a typical conference or summit. This is TEC. Networking. Learning. Hard core.

Be there.

David Sengupta
Conference Chair