Isherwood, Julian. "SF: E-mail case full of questions" in Politiken.DK 29 Sep 2010.

Case in Denmark where one government party is alleging government workers were ordered to delete e-mail evidence ... ongoing challenge on whether they were actually deleted or not.


Voigt, Kevin. Nokia: No. 1 and fighting for life. CNN. 18 Sept 2010.

Great illustration of disruptive technology (software-based smartphones) shaking up an established market (mobile phones). Will be interesting to watch Nokia try and get ahead of Android's momentum. My 3-year gut-level prediction on this market is that Windows Mobile market share will continue to flounder while Nokia (Symbian, etc.) and Google (Android) will fight it out for number 1 spot. Apple and Blackberry will fall in #3 and #4 spots. David


Reuters. Toyota exec warned on defect: "We need to come clean". Apr. 7, 2010

E-mail evidence in Toyota recall case. David