CNN. Papers from prewar Iraq posted on Web. CNN.com. Mar 27, 2006

CNN.com - Papers from prewar Iraq posted on Web - Mar 27, 2006 E-Discovery ... review & analysis, at least ... Pentagon style. Interesting idea. David


Zim wants more power to snoop - journalism.co.za - the resource for journalists. Journalism.co.za. March 20, 2006.

Zim wants more power to snoop - journalism.co.za - the resource for journalists Government in Zimbabwe, Africa, is pushing for more rights to access e-mail via ISPs, etc. D.

Hanson, Wayne. San Diego Investigates E-Mail Retention Policies. March 20, 2006.

San Diego Investigates E-Mail Retention Policies: "San Diego Investigates E-Mail Retention Policies" City of San Diego in a bit of an e-mail retention mess ... trying to straighten things out and ensure uniform (and correct) retention policies are applied. D.


Hirschkorn, Phil. Who is Carla Martin and why is she in trouble? CNN. Mar 16, 2006.

CNN.com - Who is Carla Martin and why is she in trouble? - Mar 16, 2006 Oi ... Definitely a case where, if I were TSA, I'd be invoking Duty to Preserve and start preseving e-mails bigtime. Wouldn't want to be on either side of this one. Big stakes, as is often the case. It still amazes me how e-mail has a way of making it around the block ... and onto the front page. D.


Charles, Deborah. Moussaoui trial on hold. Reuters. Mar. 13, 2006.

News One Article Reuters.com Yet another case - this one really high profile - in which e-mail evidence is playing a key role, as we speak. In this case, US District Judge Leonie Brinkema has released e-mails showing that TSA lawyer Carla Martin "sent potential witnesses transcripts of part of the trial and also coached them on how to handle certain questions related to aviation security". It continues to amaze me what people will put in e-mail. In this particular case, justice against one of the Sept. 11th conspirators may end up being tainted. David

Hope, Michele. Who's minding the message store? InfoStor. Feb. 2006

InfoStor - Who’s minding the message store? Mention of some e-mail archival vendors ... discussion of proactive vs. reactive e-mail retention. D.

Hosenball, Mark. They Haven't Got Mail. MSNBC.com. Feb. 15, 2006.

Terror Watch: Rumsfeld's E-Mail Secrets - Newsweek Politics - MSNBC.com Great e-mail compliance strategy: "two of the nation's key crisis managers, the secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security, do not use e-mail" ... love it! Gonna have to go talk with my boss ... I'm already starting to think of the endless possibilities I could achieve without e-mail, what with reduced distractions and increased productivity ... David

Sinrod, Eric J. E-mail notification of change to employment policy insufficient. USA Today. Jun. 23, 2004.

USATODAY.com - E-mail notification of change to employment policy insufficient Older article that I just stumbled across ... discussion of Campbell v. General Dynamics Government Systems Corporation ("General Dynamics"), in which a federal court determined that e-mail notification concerning a company policy was insufficient, specifically since the e-mail subject line did not indicate that: "the email was of critical importance" or that "the e-mail was intended to change employees' legal rights." Even though the defendant purportedly demonstrated that the e-mail had been opened by the employee (sic ... they state they used "tracking logs" do prove this which isn't possible if they're on Exchange at least), the employer should have (i) requested that employees reply stating they had read the e-mail and had understood the implications. David


Boulton, Clint. EMC Does e-Discovery. Enterprise IT Planet.com. Mar. 1, 2006.

EMC Does e-Discovery EMC has announced a suite of tools around e-discovery. Core are EmailXtender and the Documentum "Enterprise Content Integration Services" software "for search and data collection across disparate content silos ..." (hmm, where have I heard about the importance of searching across multiple "silos" of data before ...)