Microsoft Corporation. Lookout 1.2 Available for Free Public Download. July 23, 2004.

Microsoft has released Lookout 1.2 for free public download. They only just announced the acquisition 7 days ago ... great job making this available so quickly! I've been using this solution for a bit and have to say that this is my #1 choice for best Outlook add-in from a productivity perspective. Phenomenal tool, largely for its very, very fast indexing speed and very fast search. I've run tests with complex queries against 250,000+ messages and documents stored across 10+ PSTs and multiple file locations and had results returned in sub-5 seconds. And my Index size is only around 375 MB, which is great when you compare with other solutions (in a similar test that I ran with competitor OutIndex a few months ago it gave me an index size of over 1.6 GB before "giving up" trying to index the same 10 PSTs).  Note the bit on the download site about being able to search:
  • "Email messages
  • Contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc.
  • Data from exchange, POP, IMAP, PST files, Public Folders
  • Files on your computer or other computers
  • ... Very soul (okay, not true) "

Heh!  Outstanding tool.