CIO Today. Electronic Document Retention: What You Should Know. Jan 28, 2009.

Great article on electronic document retention. Some great tips from the article:


Practical Considerations for Electronic Document Retention

1. Keep document retention policies simple.

2. Do not let people with laptops become amateur transcribers. Ensure employees only use their company-issued computers for work-related documents.

3. Be careful of all informal notes.

4. Limit notes and board minutes to agreed actions items.

5. Do not engage in debates via email.

6. Never email sensitive material.

7. Monitor what people say via email, instant messaging and blogging.

8. Consider banning instant messaging and blogging.

9. Be careful of mobile email and text messaging. PDAs, BlackBerrys and other smart phone devices now serve as another location of potentially sensitive information.

10. Be careful of attorney-client privilege, or lack of privilege, especially when working outside the U.S.

11. Be sensitive when in-house legal counsel has dual roles of attorney and manager. Be aware of effect on privileged communications.

12. Be careful of outside service providers or web-based hosts such as AOL, Yahoo, etc.


From an instant messaging (IM) perspective, Quest Software’s Policy Authority solution (software-only or appliance options available) is ideally suited for monitoring, archiving and controlling communications.