Sinrod, Eric J. E-mail notification of change to employment policy insufficient. USA Today. Jun. 23, 2004.

USATODAY.com - E-mail notification of change to employment policy insufficient Older article that I just stumbled across ... discussion of Campbell v. General Dynamics Government Systems Corporation ("General Dynamics"), in which a federal court determined that e-mail notification concerning a company policy was insufficient, specifically since the e-mail subject line did not indicate that: "the email was of critical importance" or that "the e-mail was intended to change employees' legal rights." Even though the defendant purportedly demonstrated that the e-mail had been opened by the employee (sic ... they state they used "tracking logs" do prove this which isn't possible if they're on Exchange at least), the employer should have (i) requested that employees reply stating they had read the e-mail and had understood the implications. David