Schwartz, Ephraim. Sarbanes-Oxley will require a message-storage rethink. InfoWorld. June 11, 2004.

Another good article [driven by EMC's big marketing push of late]. Good quotes: "Traditionally, government regulations don’t specify exactly what a company’s policy should be, but they do specify that if there is a policy in place, that policy must be adhered to. The problem is that, even if a company implements a policy stating that it does not retain e-mail, not every organization will be capable of enforcing such a policy. If compliance auditors find one or two employees who have saved e-mail on their notebooks, there’s a good chance that the auditors will want to look at everybody’s PC. As a result, like it or not, companies will need to retain e-mail as a matter of policy. On average, each user generates roughly 10MB of e-mail data per day, and that figure is forecast to increase to 44MB per day by next year, according to AMR Research."