Allman, Thomas. US Poised for new Disclosure Laws. Legal Week. Oct. 27, 2005.

Legal WeekImportant discussion of Rule 26(b)(2)(B) which brings e-discovery legislation ammendments to the US Supreme court ... targeting an end-of-2006 adoption. Read on ...

AP. Prosecutor, Judge in CIA Leak Probe Meet. ABCNews.com. Oct. 26, 2005.

Interesting coverage of the CIA Leak probe ... last line of the article refers to an e-mail that Rove's attorney 'located' referring to a conversation between Rove & Cooper ... key evidence in the case. E-mail has a way of coming up as evidence ...


Pariseau, Beth. CA folds in e-mail-archiving startup. SearchStorage.com

CA folds in e-mail-archiving startupImportant acquisition by CA of iLumin recently. Not only does this give them an archival play, but also [more importantly IMO] an e-discovery play. Of course where it goes now that CA has absorbed is left to be seen ...

Howard, Philip. The problem with archiving. IT-Analysis.com.

IT-Analysis.com - The problem with archiving

Bass, Steve. CYA with Business or Corporate E-mail. PC World. Oct. 24, 2005.

Quick tips & tweaks on e-mail compliance ...


O'Regan, Rob. The Ultimate Bug Fix. June 1, 2005. CMO Magazine

Interesting mention buried in here about the "Book of E12" which sounds like a 55-page contract between dev & marketing on the Exchange team at Microsoft.


Celluon Project Keyboard & Fujitsu Electronic Paper at CEATEC Japan. Makuhari Messe, Tokyo. Oct. 4-8, 2005.

OK I had to blog this ... digressing from my normal theme ... this projection [hologram] keyboard http://www.canesta.com/html/celluon.htm is a really interesting example of thinking outside of the box. Thought I'd blog it. That along with Fujitsu's electronic paper http://www.akibalive.com/archives/000515.html#more are the two most interesting things I noticed in my reading about the Ceatec show in Tokyo this week. Both represent interesting paradyme shifts!


Socha, George. Socha Consulting e-Discovery Decisions Site. 2003-present.

Socha Consulting LLC > electronic discovery resources > decisionsGreat site. Searchable database of e-discovery decisions.

Redish, Martin. Electronic Discovery and the Litigation Matrix. Duke Law Journal [51 Duke L. J. 561]

Just stumbled across this gem ... some great content in here.