Quest Software - Recovery Manager for Exchange

While I'm on the topic of releases, Quest also released Recovery Manager for Exchange version 3.0 in mid-July ... focused on discovery and recovery of Exchange data. Strong e-discovery featureset in here with unique differentiators including: search within attachments on backup media or in offline stores (only product on market to do this); advanced automation of all tasks in the solution; advanced search operators and options; etc.

Quest Software - Archive Manager for Exchange Release. Aug. 3, 2005

Quest has just released their long-awaited version 2.0 of Archive Manager for Exchange - which adds archival for regulatory compliance purposes to an already-superb operational archive.

Recent management articles: Morgan Stanley's email bounceback. Infoconomy. 2 Jun 2005

Old story but this is a really well-written account ... thought I'd blog this as well. Great read.

Roberto, Mary Kay. E-mail Archiving - A key piece to a compliance strategy. Computer Technology Review. Aug. 2005.

Bit of a vendor article but ok - Mary Kay is an SVP/GM with KVS (now Veritas (now Symantec)).