[Vendor Press Release]. Liquid Machines Announces Liquid Machines Email Control 6.0. EContentmag.com

Never heard of these guys before ... looks like a solution that works with Microsoft Windows Rights Mgmt, KVS and presumably Exchange environments.

[Vendor Press Release]. IntelliReach's Chief Technology Officer to Speak at the INBOX Email Event in Atlanta. TMCnet. Nov. 18, 2004.

More about the INBOX event ... this from the former Melia guys.

[Vendor Press Release]. Open Text Announces Email Management Platform, Collaboration Platform, New Artesia Customer. Contentmag.com. Nov. 16, 2004.

Move by Open Text into email management, email archiving, records management & search, etc.

Klug, Foster. Microsoft accused of destroying email. News.com.au. November 19, 2004.

More on Burst vs. Microsoft.

[Vendor Press Release]. First After-Death Email Service in India. Technology News - Onlypunjab.com. Nov. 22, 2004.

OK just had to blog this. I find the 15-day trial bit amusing ...

Neal, David. Why messaging needs controls. IT Week. Nov. 22, 2004.

Largely IM-centric but good article.


Kawamota, Dawn. Microsoft email deletion policy goes to court. CNET News.com on Silocon.com. Nov. 19, 2004.

Will be really interesting to see where this goes. Deleting all email after 30 days is becoming a common strategy.


Microsoft Exchange Reporting and Analysis

Microsoft Exchange Reporting & Analysis - FYI in case you haven't seen this yet, Quest MessageStats 5.0 is a phenomenal and award-winning reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 environments [and I just happen to be the Product Manager for this solution :-) ]. See this site for a ton of sample screenshots and a detailed product description ... http://wm.quest.com/products/messagestats/.


Pruitt, Scarlet. Exchange Users to Get More Tools. IDG News Service, London Bureau. Nov. 19, 2004.

Not really a ton of detail in here but mention of the fact that Microsoft will be involved in shipping a number of new Exchange tools over the coming year. These include of course the already-released ExBPA and the free Exchange Reporting Management Pack for MOM 2005 that Quest Software is partnering with Microsoft on ... announced yesterday http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20041118005163&newsLang=en.


Abel, Kris. Microsoft Chasing Google's Success. Globeandmail.com. Nov. 10, 2004.

Coverage of today's new launch of the MSN Search offering. NineMSN ran an alpha of this that's still available here: http://beta.search.ninemsn.com.au/ ...


Kennedy, D. A Gold Mine of Electronic Discovery Expertise:A Conversation Among Veterans of Electronic Discovery Battles. Law Practice Today. July 2004

Great reference from a number of core industry experts in e-Discovery. Great read.


Hurlbert, Wayne. Blogs and Public Relations. Blog Business World. Oct. 7, 2004.

Very interesting and thoughtful post on blogging and it's affect on the changing face of PR. Cool! Interesting side note to that ... heavy bloggers are starting to be admitted to industry events and conferences with media/press passes. Hmm ...

INBOX East 2004. Nov. 17-19, 2004 Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, GA.

Another conference you may wish to consider marking on your calendars ... or at least keeping an eye on ...

[Press Release]. FTC and NIST to Host Email Authentication Summit. ANSI News. Nov. 4, 2004.

News Story

McKenzie, Gia. Charleston County School District Issues Apology For Email. ABC News. Nov. 5, 2004.

'Rediculous' (sic) use of "career-limiting" in an e-mail sent across the Charleston County School District. Another example of how what you write can come back to haunt you ...

Financial compliance driving IT investment. Business Report. Nov. 5, 2004.

Business Report - Financial compliance driving IT investment

Speaker's aide quits over e-mail. Edinburgh Evening News. Nov. 5, 2004.

Yet another example of how e-mail can get anyone into hot water. Basic rule of thumb, if you don't want it to come back to haunt you, don't put it in writing in any shape or form.

[Vendor Press Release] CIO Insight Magazine Strengthens Sales & Edit Team. Ziff Davis Media. Nov. 4, 2004.

Larry Downes' forthcoming quarterly column in Ziff Davis CIO Insight Magazine looks interesting ... it will focus on "the nexus between law, technology and business."

Miller, Jason. NARA proposes to lighten e-mail record load. Government Computer News. Nov. 4, 2004.

Government Computer News (GCN) daily news -- federal, state and local government technology; NARA proposes to lighten e-mail record load

Buckstein, Jeff. Staying Afloat in the Flood of E-mail. The Ottawa Citizen. Nov. 4, 2004.

Story about an Ottawa startup (NorthSeas Advanced Messaging Technologies) that has released an appliance-based archival solution (Guard E/N) for e-mail.


Litigation: Justice online. Legal IT. Nov. 4, 2004.

A UK perspective on e-discovery & IT.

Cummins, H.J. Sleuthing in the e-files. Star Tribune. Oct. 14, 2004.

Have been doing some blogging on e-Discovery of late ... this is really a buzzword in the industry that encompasses e-investigations and related e-discovery ... and the impact this new type of investigation has had on employment law over the past decade or so.

[Vendor Press Release] Fios Passes 10,000 Mark for Legal Professionals Educated on Electronic Discovery Technology and Issues. Nov. 2, 2004.

Fios Passes 10,000 Mark for Legal Professionals Educated on Electronic Discovery Technology and Issues

Freeman, Thomas. The Latest on Managing e-Discovery in Litigation. ReedSmith; Mondaq. Nov. 3, 2004.

Great article from a legal perspective on e-Discovery from a litigation perspective.

Blackburn, Maria. HIPAA, Heal Thyself. Johns Hopkins Magazine. Nov. 2004.

Great article explaining HIPAA-related issues.

The Carrots and Sticks of Compliance. Waters. Nov. 4, 2004.

Financial perspective. Interesting read.

Dybis, Karen. Fed audit rules cost businesses millions. The Detroit News. Nov. 2, 2004.

Fed audit rules cost businesses millions - 11/02/04

Zantaz Expands Its Email Archiving Solution. IT-Analysis.com. Nov. 3, 2004.

Some new functionality in EAS 4.0 (formerly Educom) just introduced ... addition of search capabilities across the archive (mandatory functionality in any archival solution IMO) and ability to archive file systems.

Semilof, Margie. Meta offers advice on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. SearchWin2000. Nov. 3, 2004.

Meta offers advice on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Marks, Michael. ITIL compliance supports goals, keeps systems running. ZDNet. Nov. 3, 2004.

Great article on the importance of aligning with ITIL or similar best practices guidelines.


E-mail security company raises $45 million. The Mercury News. Nov. 2, 2004

News of IronPort Systems' recent fourth round financing of $45M, bringing total financing to $90M since it was founded in 2000.


Greenemeier, Larry. California City Relieved It Has E-mail Archives. InformationWeek. Nov. 1, 2004.

Good example of how an e-mail archival system (KVS in this case) adds value to the City of Oceanside's ability to respond to requests for Public Records.